Friday 25 September 2015

Oh baby!

I love the half square triangle! It is so versatile. You can make a bunch of them and then set to work playing with arrangement. That is exactly what I did when I decided to make a baby quilt for my friend Peita.
I started off with some lovely , marshmallow soft colour fabrics. These half square triangle units were made from 5 inch squares of fabric. I paired a light and slightly darker square to make these half square triangle units.

Then I started to play around with layouts

I am sure that there are many more ways to use half square triangles. I decided on this design for the quilt. I am thrilled with the way it turned out.

Even the back is matched and really shows off the quilting design.

You don't need a pattern to follow when making a quilt like this. Just work out your dimensions, and get going filling the space with your half square triangle units. Put on a border to frame your quilt design. Arrange, rearrange, take a photo to check your colour balance , and then make final tweeks. 
There is great joy in designing a one off quilt in this way.  It is liberating.  I have used a soft , pastel colour way for this quilt, but just imagine how striking a black and white quilt would be, or a more saturated palette. Below is a quilt I made for my niece Laura last year.

Tomorrow I am teaching my Pikelets workshop at Cottage Quiltworks, with a wonderful group of ladies. I am looking forward to working with them. Their creativity and talent is inspirational.

Happy sewing, love Miriamx 

Friday 18 September 2015

Fairholme Quilters 2016 Quilt Show

There has been a lot of secret sewing going on at my place and at my friend Janice's home. Not to mention the secret sewing that has been taking place at many of the Fairholme quilters homes of late.
We are busy making our Raffle Quilt for 2016. It is not time for the big reveal yet, but you can see from above that we are using a variety of exquisite  French fabrics and creating something of great beauty. There will be more photos in coming weeks - I promise. In the meantime save the dates for our show next year.

Fairholme Quilters Show 
8th - 10th April , 2016. 
Thornleigh Community Centre, Thornleigh 2120

You can follow Fairholme Quilters on their blogspot 
And on Facebook
And on Instagram @fairholmequilters
# fairholmequiltersshow2016

I have loved being involved with this project, from the fabric selecting to the pattern designing to the construction of the quilt top. Fairholme quilters are the most talented and generous group of quilters. They have given of their time and talents freely and with great joy. When we asked for one block , the ladies made several each. When we have our community sewing days they help with the project with enthusiasm and encouragement. What an honour it has been to be a part of this project. Thank you all.

The brief was to design and make a quilt using fabrics gifted to our group by the Quilters Guild of NSW.
In Masterchef the judges always talk about being able to tell when a dish has been made with love. I think  you can also tell when a quilt has been made with love. Our raffle quilt is one such quilt. The blocks made by the individual members of the group all work together in the quilt.  They "sing" and make the quilt unique.

Keep checking this blog  for more photos of the quilt as it reaches completion. 

Proceeds raised from the Raffle Quilt will be going to a local group Studio Artes who provide
 " creative programs with wholistic outcomes for people living with disability." Please do find out more about this inspirational group by clicking Studio Artes   We are also fortunate to have Studio Artes displaying their work at our Show. 

I hope you have had time for some sewing this week. Taking time out from our busy schedules to create, reflect and dream is important for us all. What's on my table now? Plans for a baby quilt using half square triangles. Here is just a bit of it - soft, gentle ,calming and dreamy.

Happy sewing, love Miriamx 

Friday 11 September 2015

Pikelet Flowers

My fascination with 'Pikelets' continues this week, but in Japanese fabrics with a focus on Indigo hues.

Last week I was still playing with Japanese fabric squares. This week I have put them together into what I like to call Pikelets.

Just for fun I put them in a pikelets stack ( calorie free!)

Then I started to put them together. They look like flowers and since it is the start of Spring, it is the perfect time for them to bloom.

Here are some of my favourites

These photos show what will be the back of the reversible quilt. The front will look something like this ( remember these blocks have yet to be joined together.) 

What to learn how to make ' Pikelets?'  Join me for a workshop at The Cottage Quiltworks at Warriewood  on either Wednesday, 23rd September, or Saturday 26th September. Contact the shop for details. These days are always fun, friendly and inspiring. 

Happy sewing, love Miriamx 

Thursday 3 September 2015

Everyone likes Pikelets

 A few years ago my friend Lyn showed me a  wonderful quilt as you go technique for using up scraps. I made a scrappy quilt, using up my "uglies"   - the scraps of fabric that are truly awful. The quilt looked great. I couldn't believe it! In the back of my mind I kept playing around with the technique and this is my modern twist result. I am thrilled. This is the front,

 and this is the back.

The table runner shown above is fully reversible. . I have used a dark fabric for the front, and a variety of batiks and graphic prints for the back. What fun! The technique allows you to keep on adding the circular blocks , which I call pikelets, until you achieve your desired size. I hope to keep on adding more pikelets to this project. They are addictive , and calorie free!!! Woohoo!!! 

What to learn how to make ' Pikelets?'  Join me for a workshop at The Cottage Quiltworks at Warriewood  on either Wednesday, 23rd September, or Saturday 26th September. Contact the shop for details. 

I am now playing around with these Japanese prints for a different look.

The playing has commenced - just can't help myself really,

Check back soon for the outcome.

Why an early post this week? Work commitments and a Fairholme Quilters bus trip to Hazelhurst Regional Gallery on Saturday to see the exhibition Labours of Love - Australian quilt 1845  - 2015, and the Kay Haerland Showcase. Lucky me! 

I hope you have had a wonderful week filled with creative joy. Spring is here, and the possibilities are endless.

Happy sewing, love Miriamx