Sunday, 5 April 2020

Sewmiriam Cheerful Chicken - A Free Tutorial

As the Corona Virus Pandemic affects us all I just want you to know that we will see better days. Together we will do this. By staying home, washing our hands, observing social distancing guidelines, keeping surfaces clean and being mindful of others. Being thankful and supportive of all those working hard to keep things running and in particular cheering on those at the medical front line. Heroes one and all.

Wherever in the world  you may be we can all reach out in our own ways to help others. This could be by checking on a neighbour or a friend, or supporting our loved ones in small and meaningful ways. Thinking beyond our own situation.

So - here is a free tutorial to brighten your day, and hopefully those whom you gift these cheery chickens to as well. In your hands these chickens feel very soothing. They can be used as sewing weights to hold down patterns, as pin cushions, or as a happy companion on your desk or window sill. 

Grab your scrap bag and sewing supplies and away you go! Post them on Instagram using the hashtag  #sewmiriamcheerfulchicken

Saturday, 28 September 2019

Sewmiriam IKEA Stool Makeover

Welcome! Today I thought I would share a mini tutorial with you - how to make a patchwork cover for a plain IKEA stool using the IKEA SUNNEA cushion.

 I have had my IKEA stool for years and it was really in need of a makeover. Last week when I was at IKEA I bought a cheap SUNNEA cover as shown below. It is a great padded cushion for the stool even with a non slip backing.

I decided to make a patchwork top for the cushion and this is how I did it. I am hoping this tutorial will inspire you to make your own soon. 

Step 1. 

Make a 12 " square finished patchwork block. ( 12 1/2 " unfinished) .
I made an eight pointed star. Any 9 patch block would work well.

I made my star from joined strips of fabric like this 

I just had to share that photo because it looks so pretty!

Step 2. 

Cut a 12 1/2 " square of fusible wadding.

Step 3. 

Place the right side of your block onto  the fusible side of the wadding . DO NOT PRESS!
 Now stitch around the  sides using a quarter inch seam to create the octagonal shape. Remember to leave a gap for later turning your pieces right side out.  I have used the corner star points as my guide to create the octagonal shape by stitching from point to point in the four corners.

Step 4.

Turn your octagon right sides out and finger press  under the open seam area to make the seam neat.  DO NOT PRESS. 

Step 5.

Top stitch around the edges to secure your front and back together and to stitch over the opening area seam, as shown above . 

Step 6. 

Place your patchwork piece on the top of the SUNNEA 
cover and now press to your heart's content!

VOILA! You have now completed your  Sewmiriam IKEA Stool makeover.

Have fun and remember to post your covers on Instagram using the hashtags 
#sewmiriam and  

Thanks for stopping by!

I hope you can find a few minutes this week for some blissful stitching.

Love Miriam x 

Tuesday, 17 September 2019


Welcome to the Sewmiriam Blog. This week I thought I would share photos of a quilt I recently made as a gift for The Centre for Effective Living in Gordon, Sydney.
Image. Double tap this image to view it full screen. Double tap and hold to show sharing options.
The Centre helps individuals and whole families in a caring, safe and positive way to navigate life’s challenges. I made this quilt to be used as a wall hanging , and made it in the Centre’s color scheme. The quilt will provide visual harmony and interest to the therapy room. It will be used In a room where sensory awareness takes place for children with sensory sensitivities. Quilts also help dampen noise. Who knew how multi purpose a quilt could be!
Image. Double tap this image to view it full screen. Double tap and hold to show sharing options.
Image. Double tap this image to view it full screen. Double tap and hold to show sharing options.
I hand quilted the quilt using Aurifil 12 thread in a variety of colors.
Whatever has been happening in your world this week, I hope you have been able to find a few moments of peaceful stitching. Making a quilt is a wonderful thing, but gifting one takes the experience to a whole new level!
Happy sewing, love Miriamx

Sunday, 8 September 2019

Well hellooooo! After almost a year of neglecting my blog, I thought it was time to dust off the cobwebs and start sharing again. It is not that I have been idle. I have been busy but have been making the transition to Instagram to share my work and to showcase the fabulous work done by my students. Sewmiriam Workshops have been popping up all over the place this past year. I have been to Newcastle, to Melbourne and have busy here in Sydney. I also have a quilt that is currently in France having a photo shoot for an upcoming Quiltmania Magazine edition. Exciting times indeed.
My dilemma of course is where to start again here. So I thought I would post a few of my Happy Saturday Instagram pictures for your viewing pleasure . These are a mix of works old and new.
Image. Double tap this image to view it full screen. Double tap and hold to show sharing options.
Image. Double tap this image to view it full screen. Double tap and hold to show sharing options.
Image. Double tap this image to view it full screen. Double tap and hold to show sharing options.
The red background Sewmiriam Superstar quilt you can see above was made by my dear friend Sue . Isn’t it gorgeous!
Image. Double tap this image to view it full screen. Double tap and hold to show sharing options.
Image. Double tap this image to view it full screen. Double tap and hold to show sharing options.
Don’t forget there is lots of free stuff to be found on the right hand side amongst the tags section. Click and see what you can find.
I love creating and sharing the joy of stitching with you all. Through my Workshops I have met the most amazing women. I love hearing your stories and working with you to create beautiful pieces. I will post more about these soon. Friendships are made and celebrated with each stitch. How fortunate are we to be part of the quilting community. I certainly feel humbled and thankful each and every day.
May your days be filled with peaceful stitching,Happy sewing,Love Miriamx

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Quiltmania Simply Moderne

 I am just a bit excited and humbled that a Sewmiriam Quilt will be in  Issue 14 of the Simply Moderne Magazine for Quiltmania. Woohoo! Happy Dance!

I love the styling they have done on my Large Dresden Quilt.  Such a great innovative magazine to be a part of. What I am really excited about is giving a copy to my Mum.  She started me on this journey. Mum made a hand pieced hexagon quilt for me when I was about 9. The hexagons were made from fabrics taken from my dresses, my friends' dresses my school uniforms. and  a feast of 70's prints. Such a memory filled quilt.  Who knew that that quilt would lead to this. Thank you Mum!!

I hope you can find  time in this busy world to enjoy some moments of stitching bliss.  
I have had a full workshop timetable of late and  have been fortunate to work with very talented ladies from PatchworkPlus in Miranda and Cottage Quiltworks. Lots of Sewmiriam bags, and the Sewmiriam BOM in the making. Watch this space! 

Happy stitching everyone. 
Thank you for stopping by.  
Whatever life throws your way remember that you are always welcome here. 
Love Miriamx 

Friday, 29 June 2018

Thorpe and Co Workshop

It is with great pleasure that I bring to my blog a few photos taken during a very wonderful workshop at Thorpe and Co in Boolaroo in May. It was a full house - with loads of creativity against the background of  gently purring sewing machines.

Here is just a small sample of the lovely work done throughout the day. I am sorry that I don't have photos of everyone's work. 

Elizabeth made beautiful panels for her Sewmiriam Tote  using a Cath Kidson print.

It is always wonderful to see traditional and modern prints working together like here 

 and here.

Fully lined zipper pockets were added too!

Pam worked some Tula Pink magic. Love those stripes

Lesley used these gentle, classic fabrics to make  beautiful blue panels

These vibrant  reds will make a stunning bag 

Cindy is using self printed and embellished prints to great effect here 

and here to make great front and back bag panels.

I always love to see special fabrics showcased and these batik prints are stunning

as are these tropical prints 

Who doesn't love a puppy or two?

Margaret's panel speaks for itself!

Congratulations to all the ladies who attended this great day. Your Sewmiriam Handy Zip Top bags and Totes are going to be gorgeous! Thank you to Janette, Maarten and Chris for making us all so welcome in your lovely shop. 

Taking the time to stitch and get lost in the process of creating something special is always a joy, and sharing it with others just makes it even better. Friendships form and grow too. Bliss!

Happy sewing, love Miriamx 

Friday, 18 May 2018

Kiama Quilters Retreat

It was my immense pleasure to work with the Kiama Quilters at their Annual Retreat. What a great time we had. These ladies really know how to sew and they made great progress working on their Sewmiriam Handy Zip Top Bags and their Sewmiriam Totes. Thank you to Anne and Phyll for organising such a terrific event.

With our any further ado let's take a look at the sewing action. 

Here is Robyn's bag. Her choice of Tula Pink fabrics worked a treat! This is the front

and here is the back. What a great bag Robyn. Well done!

There was a definite Japanese theme going on in one corner. I love Japanese fabrics, having lived in Tokyo  for 7 years, so I am always thrilled to see special pieces being made into Sewmiriam bags.
Just look at Annette's beautiful work 

and Willi's stunning panel

and Anne's owl and fish panels below. 

On the other side of the room Anne was also using a Japanese focus fabric but with a fantastic, funky twist.

French influences were also at play at the Retreat. How exquisite is this bag by Clare 

Pam 's bag is gorgeous with a beautiful bird focus fabric, surrounded by reproduction prints. 

Modern fabrics were not neglected. Here is Georgie's stunning panel. 

and here is  Phyll's beautiful bag panel, with a sewing theme.

Colleen used a teal and gold colour theme to make this modern, graphic panel.

Kathy used a striking and bold colour  palate to make this vibrant, beautiful panel.

Soft pastels also make great Sewmiriam bags, and the butterfly panel made by Diedre demonstrates this 

and so does Joy's gentle hydrangea panel.

Congratulations ladies on such gorgeous creative work!

OH, and did I mention the beautiful food that we had? Here is the cake.

Happy sewing to you all! Love Miriam