Saturday 28 September 2019

Sewmiriam IKEA Stool Makeover

Welcome! Today I thought I would share a mini tutorial with you - how to make a patchwork cover for a plain IKEA stool using the IKEA SUNNEA cushion.

 I have had my IKEA stool for years and it was really in need of a makeover. Last week when I was at IKEA I bought a cheap SUNNEA cover as shown below. It is a great padded cushion for the stool even with a non slip backing.

I decided to make a patchwork top for the cushion and this is how I did it. I am hoping this tutorial will inspire you to make your own soon. 

Step 1. 

Make a 12 " square finished patchwork block. ( 12 1/2 " unfinished) .
I made an eight pointed star. Any 9 patch block would work well.

I made my star from joined strips of fabric like this 

I just had to share that photo because it looks so pretty!

Step 2. 

Cut a 12 1/2 " square of fusible wadding.

Step 3. 

Place the right side of your block onto  the fusible side of the wadding . DO NOT PRESS!
 Now stitch around the  sides using a quarter inch seam to create the octagonal shape. Remember to leave a gap for later turning your pieces right side out.  I have used the corner star points as my guide to create the octagonal shape by stitching from point to point in the four corners.

Step 4.

Turn your octagon right sides out and finger press  under the open seam area to make the seam neat.  DO NOT PRESS. 

Step 5.

Top stitch around the edges to secure your front and back together and to stitch over the opening area seam, as shown above . 

Step 6. 

Place your patchwork piece on the top of the SUNNEA 
cover and now press to your heart's content!

VOILA! You have now completed your  Sewmiriam IKEA Stool makeover.

Have fun and remember to post your covers on Instagram using the hashtags 
#sewmiriam and  

Thanks for stopping by!

I hope you can find a few minutes this week for some blissful stitching.

Love Miriam x 

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