Saturday 21 February 2015

Brilliant bags made by very clever ladies.

Welcome to Sewmiriam. Today's blogpost is such a treat for me. I get to share with you just some of the brilliant bags that the clever ladies who took my bag making workshops at The Cottage Quiltworks last year have made. Many of the ladies didn't stop at one ! There are so many lovely bags, that I will show just my Zip Top Pattern first. Next blog post will be the Whopper Shopper Bags, and they are well worth the wait in seeing.

Let's begin with the handy Zip Top Bag.

My dear friend Robyn has been busy making the bag in both small and upscaled sizes.

The pattern can even been adapted to use selvedges with stunning results.

Helen has also used selvedges to make this handy sized sewing bag.

Margaret has made a handbag , by adding shoulder straps.

There were some very lucky grand daughters last Christmas , receiving these lovely bags, filled with goodies no doubt! 

Sue has made a soft blue bag that is just beautiful. It's a shame my photography skills aren't better. Sorry Sue!

Robyn has made the pattern using one cherished fabric piece for the outside, and another for the lining.

Here are upscaled versions of the same pattern. Don't you love it when one pattern can be adapted in so many ways !

Here are some of mine.

If you like these bags , and would love to make your own, join me at The Cottage Quiltworks on Wednesday 22nd April for a bag making workshop. Please contact The Cottage Quiltworks for details.
The bag uses a 'quilt as you go ' technique that will have you addicted in no time.

Happy Sewing, Miriamx

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