Friday 27 March 2015

New Bag Prototype

 Part of my quilty heart lies with the Margaret Sampson George exhibition today in Victoria, and oh how I wish I was there to see friends and view the outstanding quilts on display. By all accounts on Instagram it is a sensation. In one of the posts I did manage to spy my quilt hanging on one of the walls in the exhibit which did make my heart skip a little beat!! How exciting to be a part of something so rare and special. Congratulation to Marg, Jean, Liz and all the team at Quilts in the Barn. Congratulations to all the quilters who shared their quilts and their passion for stitching.  I have no doubt quilting can now officially be called an extreme sport! Beyond Blue is such a worthy cause for us all to work for. I look forward to hearing first hand accounts this week when quilters return back to Sydney.

Nevertheless I have had a wonderful week here at home. I decided to play around with a new shoulder bag design and here is the prototype. It is just the right size for a wallet, phone,sunglasses and small makeup bag. It sits nice and flat on the shoulder and feels very comfortable. Here is the front

and here is the back

Oh , and did I mention it is fully lined? The zip top is placed on a gentle curve and gives it an extra professional feel. 

I was so pleased with the result , that I wore it to work at Cottage Quiltworks on Thursday.

My Easter table runner is nearly finished with the binding being stitched on this afternoon. But photos of Easter happiness will have to wait for my next blogpost.

Happy sewing, Miriam x 

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