Friday 24 April 2015

Sewing in a Storm

The weather may have been catastrophic this week in Sydney, but that didn't stop my bag making workshop from going ahead on Wednesday at Cottage Quiltworks.

The ladies sewed up a storm and created a dazzling array of bags. It is always a joy to be able to teach and share a love of creating with others. Thank you all for a wonderful day. 

Armed with a fabulous collection of fabrics and talent, take a look at what went on,

Kim has a real flare for fabric combining, and worked on this front for her bag. 

Sandy made this for for the back 

and this for the front of a vibrant bag complete with zip top.

Caroline created a gorgeous bag using a dynamic hot pink , grey and black palette. Go kitty! 

Susan was busy making this bag front. Isn't it going to be a fabulous bag with the stripe turning into the base. 

Sally's Mum is going to be spoilt with the lovely bag Sally was making incorporating a toile bird centre in greens, grey and a dash of red. The effect is stunning.

Helen created this beautiful bag. The spots and stripes work so well to enhance the focus fabric. The zip is in and only the stitching in of the lining is needed for her bag to be complete. 

Joss was held up due to the nasty weather, but she sewed up a storm using soft lavenders and a pastel palette. Sorry Joss - I didn't get a photo. 

A great day, and wonderful results. 

Happy sewing, Miriamx 

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