Friday 8 May 2015

One Happy Daisy May and a Great Workshop

Last week I shared my low volume take on Jen Kingwell's ' She Loves You ' cushion pattern from her wonderful book Quilt Lovely. As things turn out, mine has become a doll's quilt. Daisy May loves it as you can see.

Here is the quilt finished. 

It was a delightful project and one that really helped me appreciate the depth and subtlety of soft colour ways. 

The week has been wonderful with another successful bag making workshop last Wednesday at Cottage Quiltworks. Each workshop results in fabulous bags - each person attending creating something unique and personal.

Toni, Lyn, Beth and Eva made these panels.

Marianne, Mary Jane and Christine made these ….

Andrene created this lovely back front. Andrene is even going to cleverly match the stripes for the base.

Which only leaves me with this wish for you, whether you be a carer, a mother, an aunt, a good friend -
Thank you for being there for others, whenever they may need you, and for giving of yourself selflessly. Know that you are loved, admired and appreciated. You keep this world a spinning! 

Happy Mothers'  Day 


Happy sewing, Miriamx 

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