Thursday 2 July 2015

All You Need Is Love - a free pattern

This week I have a treat for you all. Here is the pattern for my "All You Need Is Love" patchwork picture.

The picture is made from half inch paper piece hexagons and measures 4  6/8 inches square.
Isn't it sweet! 

What you need.

* 33 half inch paper hexagons
* a variety of small print fabric scraps. I have used letters from a print fabric to creat the " love " message, but you could use a plain fabric and embroider letters, or you could use a indelible marker.
* one 6 1/2 inch square of background fabric
*  one IKEA Ribba frame or similar
* sewing supplies, optional Sewline glue stick , and Roxanne basting glue.


Cover the paper hexagons with fabric. Cut the fabric approximately 3/8 inch larger than the paper hexagon. I used Sewline glue to stick the fabric down to the back of the paper hexagon. You can tack  the fabric to the hexagon if you prefer , but glue works well for this project, and as I leave the paper in to provide stability to the patchwork picture , it saves the need to remove the tacking.

Place the hexagons in a pleasing arrangement as shown, and then whip stitch them together along the sides of the hexagons. Use a neutral thread colour. 

When all the hexagons have been joined,  use Roxanne basting glue to place small dots of glue onto the wrong side of the outside hexagons and then carefully position your hexagon picture onto the background fabric. Using thread that matches your background fabric, appliqué stitch your hexagon picture to the background fabric.

Open the frame and take out the mounting. Position your hexagon picture as shown here

Place a few dots of Roxanne glue on to  the wrong side of the mounting and adhere your picture.
Close up your frame and voila!! You are done. 


I think this picture would look lovely with the name of someone special being spelt out.  
I have made mine with  a bit of an " I Spy" theme, but you could do just animals, flowers, colors, spots, stripes, or fussy cut rosettes on your own creation. Lots of possibilities .....

I hope you have enjoyed this free pattern! It is a great way to use up little scraps of favourite fabrics.  

Happy Sewing, Miriamx 

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