Thursday 21 January 2016

Birth of a Star Quilt - Part Three

Welcome to Part Three of this series Birth of a Star Quilt. This week I will be sharing how I pieced the quilt together. You can find Part one by clicking here, and Part Two by clicking here

The pattern for this quilt can be found in Kaffe Fassett's Book Caravan of Quilts. It is called the Wheel of Fortune Quilt. English hand paper piecing  is recommended in the book. This would give very accurate results but would take forever. Being an impatient quilter, and time poor as well, I thought I would try and machine piece it. It worked! As recommended in the book I divided the quilt pieces into 8 segments as shown in the next photo.  

Then I pieced each segment in rows as shown below for the corner segments. If you have cut your diamonds and squares accurately, and you use a consistently accurate  quarter inch seam, you can achieve very accurate results machine piecing. I recommend taking photos of each segment before machine piecing, to make sure you don't mix up the order. ( don't ask me how I know - aargh! ) 

When all the segments were complete, I joined up the top 4 segments, and then the remaining bottom 4 segments, and then joined these 2 halves of the quilt together. It was much easier than I thought.

For my finishing touches to the quilt I hand basted and then hand quilted the quilt using Perle 8 thread in a variety of colours. I quilted in lines that went around the quilt

The back shows this best in the next photo. 
I used a Tula Pink wide back fabric, and it was truly a joy to quilt. 

To bind the quilt I used the deep pink and purple dot found in the quilt...

I hope you have enjoyed this three part quilt series. I can truly say this quilt is one of my favourites.

Happy sewing, love Miriamx 

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