Friday 15 April 2016

The Challenge

I always look forward to a good challenge. One that makes you think beyond your comfort zone. One that plays in the back of your mind on its own until it crystallizes into something tangible. My friend Rosyln  Pullen arranged this years Fairholme Quilt Show  Challenge and she did a marvelous job! 

Here is my entry with a few close ups. Can you guess the challenge? Bet you can't!!

Below is the stimulus photo

The challenge was to 

Well now - who would have thought fungi could be so interesting. Below are the entries and each one is so different. Enjoy them all! 

1. Virginia Coote

2. Dawn Cox

3. Lynette Harvey

5. Susan McMahon

6. Val Nadin

7. Pat Nerlich

8. Jill O'Connor 

9. Jo - Ann Phillips

10. Rosyln Pullen

11. Elaine Walton

12. Margaret Weir

14. Nerida Williams

Viewers choice- number 11. Exquisite work Elaine. Congratulations!!!

Happy sewing, Miriamx 

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