Thursday 4 August 2016

Colour Therapy

I love colour. Bright, bold colours. Colours that make me happy. Colours that make my heart sing. When I work with these colours I am in my ' happy place!'  One of the secrets to successful quilting is to use fabrics that you love. When you do you will find that not only will you enjoy your sewing so much more, but your results will be that much better too. I am sure that many of those pesky  projects that are left unfinished are because the fabric colours just don't 'spark joy.'

This week I have been working on the quilt front  of my version of the  Brigitte Giblin "Back to Back" quilt, that can be found in Brigitte's  latest Quiltmania book Feathering the  Nest 2. You can read about my quilt back for this project by clicking here.

My interpretation of this quilt is a riot of colour. I have chosen light, medium and dark fabrics that are a mix of Australian and modern prints, reproductions, spots, and shot cottons. 

I have been busy joining lots and lots of squares and triangles.

The hourglass blocks go beautifully together just on their own too as shown below. This arrangement isn't part of the quilt pattern, but I really like it, so maybe I should think about doing this for another project. What do you think?

This combination looks great too.....

I am still playing around with block placement but so far this is what I have decided on

There is so much movement. Sure- it is busy, it is bright, it is bold, but I love it.  I can't wait to see it grow. There are a lot of squares and triangles kicking around our dining room table still waiting to find their rightful place on this quilt top. 

I even like the little collection of itty bitty triangles that I have clipped from the seams. Here they are collected in a fabric nest on a 4 inch square

I hope this blogpost has cheered and warmed your heart despite the cold winter weather we have been experiencing here in Sydney this week. 

Happy sewing, love Miriamx 

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