Tuesday 19 September 2017

Blogger's Quilt Festival 2017

Thank you for stopping by as part of this year's Blogger's Quilt Festival. You are always welcome here at Sewmiriam. 
Thank you to Amy of Amy's Creative Side for gathering us all together to share our passion for quilting.  

Here is my entry for this years Blogger's Quilt Festival. I am delighted to showcase my design which I am calling Sunshine that will be the raffle quilt for the Fairholme Quilters Show to be held April 6-8th, 2018 . As it's Spring here in Australia, I decided to take the quilt on a road trip to the countryside last weekend to take this shot. 

The story behind this quilt is delightful. Doesn't it always warm your heart when quilters come together and share their talents and time for others! What a generous group the Fairholme Quilters are. Each year they work happily to make over 40 quilts for those in need of all ages in our local community.  Every 2 years, they put on a beautiful display of their quilting efforts and raffle a quilt made by the group. Our next show will raffle the quilt you see here in these pictures. 

Various people generously donated fabric and batting. 

I designed the quilt, posted a tutorial on my blog on how to make the blocks and made up 36 block kits.

Then the Fairholme quilters went to work! They hand appliquéd the blocks to perfection. I assembled the blocks in a pleasing arrangement and designed a hand quilting pattern. Jo-Ann basted the quilt ready for hand quilting.  Next I made up a quilting template and thread /needle kit and started the quilting by completing a few hand quilted blocks. Then away the Fairholme quilters went again! The quilt was never without a good quilting home over several winter months . Lynette stitched on the binding and Voila!  Before we knew it we had a gorgeous quilt ready to raffle!!

Even the horses liked the look of the quilt and came up for a closer look.

It is going to be hard to part with this beauty .

Thank you for visiting Sewmiriam and being a part of the Bloggers Quilt Festival 2017.

Happy sewing, love Miriam 


  1. Sunshine is a beautiful quilt and a great design to used as a team effort too. No doubt each one enjoy contributing with their own block kit and instructions. I hope it goes well at the raffle too!

  2. I love the story behind your quilt! It's beautiful both visually and for its story! It will be a hit for the raffle, I'm sure!

  3. Oh nooo, you have to give it away? The colors came together so well.

    1. Thank you Tami! I might just have to make another one for myself. but maybe if I buy a few more raffle tickets I might be lucky !

  4. What a great group quilt. Many hands make everything easier.

  5. What a delightful quilt and the story behind it is wonderful. So lovely to know it is all does for a good cause. A lovely finish.

  6. Oh, I like that kind of stories, and I love the quilts. Thanks for showing us.

  7. Orange peels are such fun and have such a beautiful look to them. Lovely job!

  8. A lovely quilt, orange peels are a favourite of mine! And what a great photo shoot too!

  9. Beautiful quilt! I hope to someday make an orange peel quilt.
    Great background for your photoshoot also.

  10. Beautiful quilt, wonderful group effort and kudos to you for leading them. I envy the lucky person who's going to win this quilt.

  11. Wonderful group effort! It's a lovely quilt!

  12. LOVE it!! Hoping it brings in a good price for the raffle.

  13. What a wonderful story of everyone working together to make this quilt. It's beautiful! I also enjoyed seeing pics of your country.