Friday 31 October 2014

Friday at Houston

I have some highlights from today. But first some stats - there are over 1000 stalls here to visit, in addition to the quilts on display. Here is the view of only a few from the upstairs window. Sadly, close views of many stores are not permitted.

Shopping is my sport of choice, but even I am struggling to see them all. I discovered some beautiful suede like dyed fabrics from Cherrywood Fabrics. The colours are just divine. Take a look with Julie, who was happy to have her shop featured here.

After hours of browsing, and perhaps a few fat quarter purchases, I decided to visit the Miniature Quilt Shop Display.The tiny cushions and quilts are real!

I also went to a lecture this afternoon by Jennifer Rapacki about digital fabric printing. She recommends using for custom printing if you want the truest colours.

. Happy sewing, Miriamx

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