Tuesday 21 October 2014

Welcome to My Blog

A very warm welcome to my blog Sew Miriam. This is my first tentative step into the world of blogging, and I invite you to share this journey with me. 

There is no better place to start than my journey to the Houston International Quilt Show. My family and friends will tell you that I love to sew and design quilting projects. It is a passion for me. I adore colour, design,fabrics and quilts.  
After years of dreaming about going, I am seizing this rare window of opportunity, and am heading off to Houston. I am looking forward to being overwhelmed by awesome quilts and fabrics. By recording my experiences here, we can them share together. I have never been able to separate quilting from sharing, and that is what I love about it. There is a unique heartfelt warmth that comes from making and giving quilts to those you love, and those in need. 
The friendships I have made along the way enrich my life daily and I am forever grateful. With less than a week to go, my thoughts are focused on packing, getting things in readiness on the home front, and spending as much time as possible with my family before I fly out.
After Houston, I am staying with my Australian friend Elizabeth in New York. I have made her this cushion for her new lounge. I hope she likes it, as it is made with modern Australian prints.
Happy sewing, Miriam


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