Friday 19 June 2015

The Secret to Making Perfect Quilt Corners

There is always room for improvement when it comes to quilting. Today I would love to share a new trick I have just discovered to help make fantastically neat and tidy quilt corners  made with  binding. Maybe I am the last quilter on the planet to learn this trick , but maybe not...... 
I have always been a bit embarrassed about the rounded corners of my quilts. No matter how hard I tried I always seemed to have a bit of fiddling and folding to do to make the corners square and neat.  This is an example - not perfect , and that is after all the fiddling.

The trick is simply this. When you reach one quarter inch from the edge with your binding seam, instead of finishing off, leave your needle down, lift your presser foot, and turn the quilt so you can continue the seam at a 45 degree angle  through to the corner as shown, as shown. 

Then fold back this side and commence the next side seam the usual quarter inch in .
Simple! This little extra stitching through to the corner results in a very neat, tidy and crisp corner when you turn the binding over to the back of your quilt . Hallelujah !!! I am one happy quilter! 

A short and simple post today - but hopefully one you will find useful. This trick has revolutionized my quilt corners. 

Happy sewing, Miriamx 

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  1. I struggle to get all four corners looking good - sometimes one out of four is as good as it gets, so I'll definitely try this on my next binding. I've never seen it in 15 years of quilting either, thanks Miriam.