Thursday 11 February 2016

Liberty Love

I have had a delightful time over the last few weeks working on something really special. It hasn't been a rushed project, or a project with a deadline. It has been gentle and it has been a pleasure  every stitch of the way.

After her mother passed away, my dear friend Elaine gave me a tablecloth that her mother had embroidered and edge-crocheted. I fell in love with it immediately. Being of a certain age, this tablecloth had a few rust marks and a couple of wear holes. What to do to make it into a special, meaningful piece ? 

Being white on white embroidery, it needed a gentle touch. I chose to finally use my Liberty pieces that I had been squirreling away for years. I mixed these with some modern fabric pieces. 

The pattern I used is called Joseph's Coat.  I hand - pieced the rounds and then joined them together. What I adore about this pattern is the wonderful rounded edges that are formed if you work it in a circular fashion. To cover minor imperfections in the tablecloth I chose to make fabric circles and appliqué them on. Repairs were made to the crochet border.

I love the way this tablecloth has turned out. Thank you Elaine for sharing this tablecloth with me. Your Mum was a wonderful sewer and I hope that it honours her memory. 

Happy sewing, love Miriamx 

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