Thursday 30 June 2016

Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair 2016 Part 2

Here is Part 2 of my favourite quilts from the Sydney Craft and Quilt Show 2016 . These quilts really stood out for me it but before  I start I would just like to say a big hooray for all the quilts at the show.

Each quilt there was  made with a purpose,  a creative style and a passion. They may not all be your style or your idea of ' perfection' but that doesn't matter at all.

Let us all celebrate quilting in all its forms. Quilting is alive and well and thriving in NSW. Our talent is abundant and awe inspiring. Read on! 

Here are some quilts to get you thinking, and hopefully looking a little more closely at the next quilt show with awe and appreciation.

First up in my " Modern Section"  is Megan Manwaring's  gorgeous quilt 'Coffee in Colour.' This quilt just glows and  it attracted many an admiring eye! Sublime! 

Let's look a little bit more closely . The fabric colours and prints are so cleverly chosen and the dimensional effect is stunning.  Each cup has its own personality and I would quite happily have a shelf full of these in my house! Such a wonderful use of Kaffe collective large floral prints.  Megan's use of Kaffe stripe fabrics set next to  plain/shot cottons with horizontal  stripe quilting is really effective as the background too. Thanks for allowing me to share this here Megan. 

Next in this section is a celebration of shibori dyeing and a smorgasbord of techniques. Here is Jessica  Wheelahan's 'Water on Mars' quilt.  Jessica Shibori hand dyed many of the fabrics featured in this quilt, used improvisational piecing techniques and hand and machine quilted this complex and fascinating quilt, inspired by the discovery of water on Mars. 

There is a wonderful play of colour and movement in this quilt . The use of stitching , fabric and butttons to create texture is one of the key features of this quilt that kept me looking closely at it time and time again at the show. I stood back to take it in as a whole,   and then moved in like a NASA zoom lens to admire the detail of different sections. Thanks Jessica for allowing me to share this here. 

And now for my ' Traditional Section.' Here is Robyn Taylor's 'Bouquet for Mary' Quilt. For those of you who like the statistics - this quilt took 6 years to complete and contains 5,734  3/4 inch hexagons. It is entirely hand pieced and hand quilted . Amazing!

Again, let's look closely. Don't let the muted and subdued palette of colours deceive you! There is a richness in each diamond setting that is considered and nuanced. Clever and sophisticated. 

I know Robyn and have been able to watch this quilt grow and come to completion. It has been a magnificent achievement and such a thoughtful and considered quilt, that is is my great pleasure to showcase it here, and celebrate it with you all. When so many quilts are hanging at a large show such as the Sydney Quilt show, some can get lost in the crowd,when their colour palette is subdued and subtle. I hope you had a chance to see this treasure at the show this year. Thank you Robyn for allowing me to share this with you all here.

Well, that's a wrap for me for this week. To finish I will just say - you know when you are tired after working several  days straight at the show when you have a superman moment . That is when you go to the toilet and realize that when you dressed at 5 am you put your knickers on top of your tights by mistake! LOL - some would say " that's so Miriam- ha! " 

Happy sewing, love Miriamxx 

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