Thursday 23 June 2016

Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair 2016

Greetings from the coal face of the Sydney Quilt Show.

It is always a show filled with creativity, inspiration and  a celebration of all things quilty. In previous years I have been an attendee, but this year I am part of the Cottage Quiltworks Team, so I am working on stand H73 . That means I get to meet lots of great people from all around the country, and share my love of design and quilting with others. It is awesome. Exhausting yes, but wonderful. Can you believe I have nearly lost my voice already from too much talking! Unbelievable - but true! Quiet, shy ol' me- LOL 

I thought I would dedicate this blogpost to some of my favourite quilts at the Quilt Show, so with permission from these talented quilters here is a look at what has made me smile the most at the show. This is a long post - so settle down with a cup and enjoy this visual feast.

Let's start with Verity Hinwood's Quilt 'We Will Rise Again.' I love this quilt! I love the colours, the visual play and the dodos. 


To fully appreciate Verity's quilt , you need to let your eyes linger over each part,  taking in the details of the applique, and the  clever play of the background fabric with the tropical elements and the birds. 

This is a thoughtful, considered quilt and I kept on being drawn back to it as I moved about the quilts on display . Thank you Verity for sharing your talents with us here. If you visit the show, take the time to see this quilt .

Next up is Kerry Dear's gorgeous Double Wedding Ring Quilt ' Seeing Red.'  This stopped me in my tracks. 
The play  of the red and the cheddar really appeals to me. I never tire of this classic pattern. Kerry's hand quilting is wonderful too. 


Now for the moderns 

Here is Jill O'Conners quilt ' Cut Loose.' 

I am always attracted to quilts that cleverly use colour , fabrics and have lots of movement. I love that Jill's quilt moves and bends, and has figures hidden in the blocks if you look carefully. I also love the flashes of yellow. 

The last two quilts for this blogpost are by Wendy Nutt and both took my breath away. These quilts are tonal in nature. This one is called 'Red Back' 

And this one is called 'Self Image'

The attention to detail in their construction and quilting design is quite stunning.

Well, my mind is numb, and I have to gather my strength for 3 more days of the show, so that's a wrap from the show this week. 

Happy sewing , and if you get to the show - happy quilt viewing ! Love Miriamx 

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