Thursday 30 October 2014

Even More Starstruck

I have so many things to share from today. Let's begin with the quilts . There are so many quilts to see here that I have had to pace myself and do one section at a time. You can see by the red section alone it is breathtaking. I call this quilt display my "happy place" here at Houston.

Patricia Kennedy-  Zafred won the Digital Imagery category with this quilt, She screen printed, appliqu├ęd, dyed and quilted it. 
I bumped into Sashiko Chiba at the lift of my hotel. She  won the Merit Hand Quilting First Prize
with this amazing quilt.

I know , I know - I am turning into a name dropper, but I haven't finished yet. I just had to meet astronaut Karen Nyberg too! The star block touching my right shoulder was made by Karen on the International Space Station. Elizabeth and Therese are my Aussie friends sharing this adventure with me.
I haven't posted photos of the many other lovely quilts - but I am only posting those with permission from the quilter.
 Happy sewing, Miriam x

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  1. Great photos Miriam. Looks like you are enjoying your time in Houston.