Friday 28 November 2014

A wedding! Congratulations to Matt and Laura.

My niece Laura is getting married today. Hooray! We are all so excited. The weather is perfect and the hair appointment  time is approaching for my daughter Hannah and I to have our up-dos done together. The boys have new outfits, shiny shoes and even the cars have been polished both inside and out! If you like I will post a few snapshots of the wedding in coming days.

Why I mention the wedding is that quilters adore weddings! By nature, quilters are givers, and they love the thought that their loved ones can be wrapped in love with a handmade quilt they have made especially for them. Blessed is the person born into a quilting family!

With that said, here is Matt and Laura wrapped in the lap quilt I designed and made for them. I used half square triangles and played with  light and dark contrasts. It is modern, vibrant and fun loving, just like them both. The quilt has already found the perfect spot in their first home.

It has been a year of quilt giving for me, and in the next few posts I will do a retrospective of my quilts for 2014, so pop by often to check them out.

My tissues are packed, and my mascara is of the industrial strength waterproof variety. For those of you who know me, I am an empathic crier, so you can just imagine how hopeless I am going to be at the wedding, when we all turn to see Laura coming down the aisle and hear the music. Oh dear - here come the tears of joy already!
Happy sewing, happy days...  Miriam x

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