Friday 7 November 2014

American Folk Art Museum

Sadly,my visit to the American Folk Art Museum did not result in seeing any quilts. The museum has now moved to a very small gallery, and their extensive collection of folk art quilts is not on regular display. You can find pictures by following the Museum's link above. 

I have had an iconic day though, visiting some of my all time favourite buildings. Rockefeller Centre still provides the best panoramic views of the city and it's surrounds.

The Chrysler Building is my favourite Art Deco depression era building, and Grand Central makes you want to leap on a train and go on a journey- the promise of adventure.

After 10 days of non- stop action, my ol' broken leg injury has flared up, but never fear- not even that will stop me visiting the MOMA tomorrow! 
Happy sewing, Miriam x 

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  1. MoMA is definitely worth visiting. Hope you recover by tomorrow.