Friday 14 November 2014

No Place Like Home

It is true that I have had the most amazing few weeks in the USA . I thank you all for following me on this blog . I have loved sharing just some of the highlights of my whirlwind adventures with you and I do so hope that you will stay tuned to my blog, as I ramble on about my life in stitches. Please feel free to comment when you feel like it. I love hearing from you all.

So , I am back home. How sweet it is to be back with my family and friends. My bags are unpacked,  the washing pile is depleting, and I am slowly adjusting to the time zone. My sewing room looks like a bomb has hit it, but that's nothing new! I have 2 bags of goodies to enjoy delving into over the next few months. 

I usually buy printed fabrics, but I seem to be also turning towards beautiful coloured plain fabrics at the moment. The orange bag has some wool felt bundles in it, that are just crying out to be used in some small, cheerful projects. So much choice, and such little time!

Before I start designing new bags and new small projects, I need to finish the Trip Around the World Quilt that I have been hand piecing over the last several months, with  Brigitte Giblin's Facebook TAW group. The top is finished.  What do you think of it as a table topper? 

It is always good to have things to look forward to, and I am looking forward to seeing my friends at Fairholme Quilters on Monday morning. 
Happy Sewing, Miriamx 

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