Friday 30 October 2015

The Sewmiriam Tote Bag

Busy, busy, one TWO ! This week I have the new Sewmiriam Tote Bag to share with you.

There seems to be just the best fabrics ever now hitting the quilting shops in Sydney. There are some fabulous big and bold prints. These can often be a challenge for the quilter, as the fabrics are strong in their visual impact, and can stand alone, so using them  in quilts can be daunting. However, they do make wonderful quilts, when the fabrics are allowed to be the 'show offs' that they are!! I love using them in bags, and the penguin print deserves to be a standout, with the surrounding fabrics being enhancers, rather than competitors in the bag above.

 So too does this wonderful Alexander Henry print

which  I have used to make a bright tote as well..

I have been experimenting with batting and am now a convert to the Soft and Stable ByAnnie wadding which makes for - yes you guessed it - a soft, yet stable bag . This can also be achieved by using bag batting , which provides the rigidity needed for a larger tote, but I just found using the Soft and Stable was easier to manage when sewing and provides a nice feel and textured look to the finished product.

My new tote bag also features a professional finish zippered pocket

I like to use professional handles as well. The clip on handles are a great choice, as you can make several tote bag shells,  and you only need just one set of handles . Now - that's handy! 

Thank you for your support on Instagram! From this, there have been two workshops planned at Cottage Quiltworks - Friday 13th November , and Saturday 14th November, so you have choice!  Places are filling fast, so if you are interested, please book soon. 

Meanwhile, the workroom is all set for a workshop tomorrow on the Handy Ziptop Bag. There are a group of ladies coming down from Newcastle, and I can't wait to meet them. 

I hope you have had a chance this week to sit and sew.

Happy sewing, Miriamx 


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